Project Kics

Project Kics Compression Bolts (20pcs)

This product "Compression bolt" is for through nut (long type) only. 

    •  When installing, be sure to install with the nut attached to the vehicle (retrofitting). 
    • ● For installation, please use the included 6HEX, L-type wrench. 
    •  The tightening torque for this product "Compression bolt" is up to 4 N ・ m (0.4 kgf ・ m) . 
    • When installing, check the total length of the nut and the thread allowance, and calculate the amount of projection of the “comp bolt”. 
  • Features:
    • Compression bolt is a product with built-in steel ball and spring in aluminum bolt
    • The locking effect of the nut attached by the tension of the spring improves

    • Universal