Project Kics

Project Kics Leggdura Racing EL53 Shell Type Lug Nuts

Lightweight shell lug nut made in Japan by Project KICS. They are shell-type (2 pieces: inner and outer lug nut) and comes with 1 lock nut per every wheel. It is one of the hardest type of lug nut to steal. It is also possible to install an optional compression bolt. The 2 pieces design is also very nice as it's removable by hand using a tool, so that you can remove them before bringing them to the shop (to keep them intact). The shell (outer piece) is made of Aluminum and the lug nut itself is made of Duraluminum (forged aluminum) which is the most commonly used material in racing vehicles due to its durability and lightness.

Price is for a FULL SET of Lugs.

  • Thread size: M12xP1.50 or M12xP1.25
  • Total length: 53mm
  • Shell type lock set is included
  • Anodized Color Options : Red, Black, and Blue