Sparco ADV Elite

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The ADV ELITE is an exceptionally robust and lightweight carbon fiber seat engineered to meet the FIA’s stringent seat rating standards, specifically the FIA 8862-2009 certification. This certification validates its ability to withstand impacts of up to approximately 70G, a prerequisite for WRC racing. Designed with a vertical driving position favored by Rally drivers, the ADV ELITE features reduced outer dimensions to accommodate smaller WRC cockpits. Boasting top-tier strength, it can endure lateral forces exceeding 6,600lbs. Equipped with an energy-absorbing system in high-stress areas, the seat prioritizes driver safety. Additionally, the seat's entire surface is enveloped in self-extinguishing fabric, with non-slip material in key areas for enhanced grip. The ADV ELITE comes FIA-approved when paired with the #004988ADV side mount brackets.


  • Ultra-Light weight Carbon Fiber construction
  • FIA 8862-2009 approved
  • Testing to an impact of 70G
  • Designed for WRC Rally cockpits/driver position
  • Hans device compatible
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Special non-slip fabric

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