Sparco QRT-R

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The QRT-R was the pioneering seat to showcase Sparco’s patented QRT ultra-light technology. As the lightest “large” size fiberglass seat available, it surpasses the weight of some competitors' “medium” size seats. Tailored for larger drivers with a comfortable fit for up to a 36” waist, the QRT-R stands out for its versatility, fitting seamlessly into both larger and smaller cockpits. FIA approved for added peace of mind.

SIZING: Large – up to a 36” waist (pants size)


Crafted at the Sparco OEM Composite Laboratory in Italy, QRT is a revolutionary technical process, rooted in aerospace technologies. It creates an unmatched mechanical strength-to-weight ratio. This cutting-edge production method yields the lightest fiberglass composite seat shells on the market, ensuring up to a 30% reduction in total weight compared to traditional methods. The QRT seats offer carbon fiber seat-like weights at a more accessible price point.

  • QRT Technology – 30% Weight savings
  • Made for large size driver
  • Ultra-light aramadic fibers-reinforced fiberglass shell
  • Integrated head bolsters for greater safety
  • Hans device compatible
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • FIA approved

The QRT-R necessitates the use of the specialized QRT-R Side mounts (#600QRT), enabling the seat to be adjusted for a more comfortable seating position by allowing it to be racked back.

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