SPC Adjustable Camber Arm (Single) - Infiniti Q50/Q60/Q70

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Note: Sold as a single arm.

For: Infiniti Q50/Q60/Q70

SKU: spc72245

Use this adjustable control arm from SPC Performance to make the rear of your Infiniti Q50 or Q70 fully adjustable for camber. The remove and replace link will provide ±3° of camber and is part of the 72240 set. Attention: toe and set-back will change as you adjust camber with this arm, you may run out of toe change on the factory cam and desire to correct for set-back. Consider toe link p/n 72255, adjustable trailing link p/n 72250 or the three arm set p/n 72240.

Rear Adjustment Range:
Camber: ±3.0°