SSR Formula Aero Spoke - 18"

The SSR Aero Spoke wheel sports spiral fins, aero plate, and a plethora of options for customization.

NOTE: Wheels are priced individually.

Please specify the following at checkout in the notes: Refer to the size chart to SPECIFY OFFSET.

Standard Bolt Pattern/PCD : 5x100, 5x114.3

Other PCD (+$) : 5x98, 5x112, 5x120

Offset: Please specify. Refer to chart for offset ranges.

Standard Color : Titan Silver

Optional Color (+$) : FM Silver, FM Gold, White, Black, Flat Black, Gunmetal, Flat Gunmetal, Blue Gunmetal, Flat Flare Bronze, Red, Orange, Pink, Mint Green, Marine Blue

Special Color (+$) : none

Aero Plate Color: Brushed Black, Brushed Red, Brushed Blue

Standard Pierce Bolt Color : Silver

Optional Pierce Bolts Color (+$) : Classical, Red, Gold, Energy Green, Blue, Pink

Disks: HP = Hyper Disk or High Pad, MD = Medium Disk, NR = Normal Disk or Low disk, SL = Super Low disk