Versus VMF C-01 - 19"

The VMF C-01 stands out as a forged wheel meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled ride comfort. Under the banner of "Mode Forged," it represents a fresh perspective on forged wheel design, prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality. The flawless, glossy finish and intricately sculpted 3D aesthetics showcase the exceptional results achieved through RAYS' Original Forging Method.

Yet, the VMF C-01 transcends conventional boundaries. In a departure from the typical perception of forged wheels in Japan, where "forged" often implies lightweight and sporty attributes, VMF redefines the paradigm. By engineering forged wheels that excel in ride comfort and minimize tire and wind-related noises, VMF, in synergy with the tires, elevates the overall ride quality of your vehicle.

  • Colors: Matte Gunblack/Rim Edge DC (MK) / Shining Black Metal/Diamond Cut (HX)
  • Valvestems and centercaps are included.


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