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Volk Racing TE37 Saga SL - 17x9.5 / +45 / 5x100 - Pressed Graphite *Set of 4*


Forged 1pc wheel 

In the beginning of 2020, the project for the TE37 SAGA SL was launched.
The prototype passed the benchmark test when the development of the TE37 SAGA S-plus was almost completed. Then, after confirming the results of the vehicle drive test and winning the 24-hour race of the Super Taikyu Series, Rays kicked off the full-scale development of the TE37 SAGA SL .The SAGA S-plus has grown to the wheel used specifically for the Super Taikyu races with its design focused on fitting a wide range of vehicles. Meanwhile, when developing the TE37 SAGA SL, Rays Japan stuck to the original definitions of the SL Series by maintaining the features including light weight compared to existing models, TE37 racing concave, and diamond cut machining that symbolizes SL’s distinctive lightness with a clear black finish.
Rays is confident that they have successfully achieved the wheel’s values such as “masculinity,” “unique atmosphere,” and “new performance” that you can experience once it is fitted to your car. Remaking the TE37 SL again has a great meaning and significance. It is because of the SL Series’ own concept of constantly pursuing unparalleled strength and light weight. System Motorsports is an authorized Rays Engineering / Volk Racing dealer and active stockist. This product is focused solely on strength and rigidity, while being incredibly lightweight. Indeed, the TE37 SAGA SL truly deserves its reputation.

  • Volk Racing TE37 Saga SL
  • Color: Pressed Graphite
  • Size: 17x9.5 +45 5x100
  • Concave Face-4, Forged Monoblock Construction
  • Includes: Spoke stickers, valve stems
  • Fit for 2022+ GR86/BRZ (ZN8/ZD8), 2013-2020 (ZN6/ZC6) FRS/BRZ/GT86. Will fit a variety of other cars and platforms as well. Please conduct research prior to placing your order.
  • DISCLAIMER: Certain suspension setups may require a small slip-on spacer in the front for additional inner barrel lip + tire clearance. Cars equipped with OEM STI/BRZ/86 Brembo may require a small slip-on spacer (~3-5mm) for front clearance. Rear brake clearance is a non-issue.

  • NOTE: System Motorsports is an official Direct Authorized Rays Engineering / Volk Racing / Gramlights dealer and distributor in the US. All Rays Engineering products we procure, source, and sell are manufactured and imported from Rays directly. Please do not purchase replica / imitation products - your safety is our concern!
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