Volk Racing

Volk Racing TE37SB - 18"

The weight of a typical 1BOX CAR wheel cannot be lightened because the weight of the 1BOXCAR wheel must be increased considerably in order to meet the JWL-T technical standard, which is a stricter strength standard than a general vehicle. TE37SB positioned 1BOX CAR as Sports BOX and started development. The newly designed inner rim suppresses deflection and has strength and high rigidity with a margin to the JWL-T standard. At the same time, we have also achieved weight reduction of approximately 7.5kg with 17X6 1/2J by promoting weight reduction. The benefits of this weight reduction will be easier to understand than sports-type vehicles.
High performance for 1BOX CAR-VOLK RACING TE37SB.

 Wheel is priced individually.

Colors: Pressed Double Black (PW) / Anodized Bronze (BR)