Volk Racing

Volk Racing TE37XT SL M-Spec - 18"

The TE37 Everything

The new TE37 series combines the design elements of "X" and "T," representing the TE37X off-road forged wheels and a new evolution accepting overseas truck culture. Engineered for performance, these wheels are suitable for trucks, passing JWL-T, VIA, and RAYS' original strength tests. The series incorporates RAYS' patented A.M.T technology on two parts of the outer rim, emphasizing its advanced design. VOLK RACING ensures high quality and advanced technology.


  • Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test: Clears JWL & JWL-T standards
  • Valve Stems + Decals Included


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NOTE: System Motorsports is the industry-leading recognized authorized Rays Engineering / Volk Racing / Gramlights dealer and distributor in the US. All Rays Engineering products we procure, source, and sell are manufactured and imported from Rays directly. Please do not purchase replica / imitation products - your safety is our concern! All of our wheelsets come equipped with a RAYS “SEAL OF AUTHENTICATION”, a yellow seal found on the outer box of each wheel. Please keep an eye out for this seal on your wheel box, along with the PO & C/NO # serial number + barcode, and keep the seal with the original warranty card inside and original purchase receipt + invoice. This is to ensure the integrity of RAYS products and services.

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