Wheel Mate - Centercap Adapters for TE37SL *Full Set*

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Centercap adapters for the TE37SL model - now available from Wheel Mate!

Fit for the TE37SL wheel in: 

  • 5x114.3 (73.1mm Hub - takes the included 3mm O-Ring)
  • 5x120 (72.6mm Hub - takes the included 2.5mm O-Ring)
  • Note: Will not fit 5x100 or 5x112 TE37SL, and select 5x114.3 TE37SL. Please specify the width/offset of your TE37SL / TE37 Ultra Track Edition at checkout.

    Colors: Black / Raw (Silver)

    SOLD AS A SET OF 4 Adapters. Centercaps not included. These will enable you to fit these caps.