BBS Unlimited Hardware - Nuts & Bolts

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Functionality Overview:

  • The hub adapter is equipped with a vehicle specific centering ring
  • The hub adapter is bolted to the wheel hub by using short headed wheel bolts or wheel nuts
  • A wheel centering ring is placed in the center of the base wheel
  • The base wheel is bolted to the hub adapter by using BBS Unlimited wheel bolts
  • Almost ALL cars with 5-hole hub connection and the demands of all target groups can be met with these components

Wheel Bolt Sizes:

  • Short Headed Wheel Bolts/Nuts: M12x1.25 / M12x1.5 / M14x1.25 / M14x1.5
  • BBS Unlimited Wheel Bolts (only fits BBS Unlimited wheels): M14x1.5

Hub Adapter, Centering Ring, Short Headed Nuts/Bolts, BBS Unlimited Bolts sold separately

LUG ADAPTERS SOLD INDIVIDUALLY - Add qty 4 for a full set (for 4 wheels)

NUTS&BOLTS SOLD AS 10pc (for 2 wheels) - Add qty 2 for a full set (for 4 wheels)