Shop Lugnuts By Car / Thread Pitch

Please select your car or thread pitch that you need for your lugnuts / lug bolts.

Note: For vehicles using stud conversions, be sure to select the proper thread pitch that matches the pitch of your stud conversion. For vehicles that come factory with lug bolts, you will need a stud conversion to utilize majority of our lugnuts shown on this page. For vehicles equipped with 6-lug configurations, please note that the standard set of lug nuts typically includes 20 pieces. Therefore, customers with 6-lug vehicles may need to purchase two sets of lug nuts to ensure full compatibility. If the lug nuts are not available as a 24-piece set, additional purchases may be necessary to accommodate all wheel studs adequately. We recommend verifying the specific lug nut requirements for your vehicle before making a purchase to ensure proper fitment and functionality.