Advan Racing GT Beyond - 19"

Adopting a die forging method using A6061 aluminum alloy, we present the highest peak in wheel performance. The rim shape features a barrel rim design, which is compatible with the increasing size of brake systems. With this barrel rim shape, the outer rim depth remains fixed across all sizes, while 5 types of spoke concave shapes are set depending on the rim width, inset, and compatible model. Side cuts are applied only to the tip and crotch side of the spokes to control weight and strength balance, resulting in a BEYOND appearance that is immediately noticeable. Logo characters are engraved on the top of the spokes using a 3D processing machine. The A6061-T6 portion of the GT Premium Version logo has been replaced with BEYOND and engraved. Additionally, all sizes are knurled to prevent tire rim slippage.


  • Forged 1pc Construction
  • Valve Stems Included
  • Centercaps are sold separately and can be ordered here.


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