Volk Racing

Volk Racing TE37 Sonic Club Racer - 15"

Compact class cars with dramatically improved performance through technological innovation. The increasing "tire grip" and "mechanical grip" at a level not comparable to the past. The benefit is that it boosts bottom speed, and the value input to the wheel reaches the level of racing cars one generation ago. "TE37 SONIC CLUB RACER" is a further hard tune version of "TE37 SONIC" which is newly designed for compact sports. The inner rim is strengthened and the hub centric for the vehicle model is adopted to increase the rigidity of the wheel itself + the wheel and the body are integrated. It responds to hard running. The coloring is "Matt Dark Gunmetal" which is racy and spartan. It is a color not found in "TE37 SONIC". The soul of VOLK RACING, which does not fade, is carved into the spokes, leading the racing scene.

Wheel is priced individually. 

Color: Matte Dark Gunmetal (DM)